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About me

Tiho has been a private investor for almost two decades. His global investment approach is influenced by his decade-long travels, visiting over 70 countries, and living in eight different jurisdictions.

He completed secondary and tertiary education in Australia, majoring in accounting and finance. However, his real passions are history, behavioural sience, psychology, and travel which enabled him to experience breathtaking cultures, immerse in unique traditions, and taste wonderful cuisines — all while meeting amazing people. 

Following the wisdom of many legendary investors who decided not to reside in financial centres like New York or London, Tiho currently lives in a quiet part of the Mediterranean, from where he enjoys doing deep research and vicarious reading on investment opportunities and business trends. 

Not influenced by Wall Street’s short-termism and conflict of interests, living in a tranquil place increases clarity, objectivity, and rationalism — traits that are reflected in Tiho’s long-term portfolio performance.